Overview of Omni-channel Engagement Hub October ’18 release – Part 1

The Omni-channel Engagement Hub for Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based service that extends the power of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to enable customers to instantly connect and engage with their customers via newly introduced channels: live chat and SMS.

Omni-channel Engagement Hub provides a modern, customizable high-productivity app that allows agents to engage with customers across different channels via a unified interface. This app offers contextual customer identification, integrated follow-on actions (for example, create a case/lead), and real-time conversation alerts to ensure agents are working effectively. Supervisors get real-time visibility and insights into the operational efficiency of agents and the utilization across various channels. The enterprise-grade routing and work distribution engine allows customers to configure agent presence, availability, and business priorities, thus ensuring agents are working on the most relevant interactions.

In addition to enabling operational efficiency and visibility, Omni-channel Engagement Hub delivers intelligent insights consisting of information gathered across various engagement channels and the underlying business data. It also enables supervisors to manage agent productivity and channel efficiency by creating, managing, and tracking relevant channel-specific and cross-channel KPIs.

Feature Release type Target release month
Agent and supervisor experiences Public Preview December 2018

Agent and supervisor experiences

Agent experiences

Agents are able to serve customers across all channels from a consistent, easy-to-learn interface. By providing a consistent experience regardless of the support channel, service organizations are able to maximize agent productivity as well as reduce training needs. The ability to handle multiple sessions simultaneously while preserving customer context allows agents to resolve issues faster and meet the KPI goals of the organization.

Key capabilities for agent experiences include:

  • Rich multisession experiences for enhanced agent productivity delivered using Unified Service Desk.
  • Contextual 360-degree view of customer.
  • Contextual view of the current issue.
  • Recent interactions with the customer.
  • Presence control for efficiently managing work distribution.
  • Screen-pops and notifications.
  • Search, preview, and sharing of relevant knowledge articles within the context of a session.

Supervisor experiences

To manage the agent workforce and the volumes of customer requests being handled each day, organizations require intraday as well as historical monitoring capabilities.

The supervisor experiences will provide the following key experiences:

  • Consult agents and transfer conversations to other agents or queues.
  • Unified views for different roles within the service operations organization.
    • Experiences for agent managers.
    • Views for operations managers.
    • Organization-wide KPIs and health tracking.
  • Intraday health tracking.
    • Tracking of efficiency parameters such as conversations handled and average handling times.
    • Monitoring of agent productivity and performance.
  • Real-time conversation monitoring.
    • Supervisors can track conversations and assist agents in resolving the issues in real time.
  • Historical reports.
    • Analyze historical reports and patterns to optimize agent performance and improve contact center operations.
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