Overview of Omni-channel Engagement Hub October ’18 release – Part 2

Feature Release type Target release month
Unified routing and work distribution Public Preview December 2018

Unified routing and work distribution

Organizations can leverage the unified routing and work distribution capabilities to route work items originating from chat, messaging, and web portal channels to different customer service support teams within the organization. Through the configuration interfaces, organizations can tightly define the work profile that their agents are supposed to handle. During runtime, the system will automate the flow of work to various agents based on their capacity and availability.

The unified routing and work distribution system can enable organizations to achieve the following objectives:

  • Agent attention is always used for the most urgent tasks.
  • Organizations can track agent utilization at a granular level and make appropriate process improvements.
  • Unify the work items and requests across channels and asynchronous work items like cases, leads, call backs, and scheduled tasks.
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