Construction Business
Made Simpler
Streamline Construction Accounting
ProjectPro is a comprehensive construction accounting software that blends together with the power of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to meet the unique needs of Project based companies or companies within construction domain.  
With ProjectPro, businesses in the construction industry can optimize their operations by gaining valuable insights into Tracking Budgets, Managing Resources, Operational efficiency, Efficient Billing processes and tracking timely delivery.   

A Software that Simplifies Work for Contractors, Designers, and Engineers

In the highly competitive construction industry, businesses face numerous challenges that demand a centralized solution acting as a unified information source. 
ProjectPro revolutionizes the management of construction businesses by providing comprehensive control and bridging the gap between field and office operations. With seamless integration of material supply, resource management, and accounting functionalities, ProjectPro becomes the backbone of your operations, offering centralized data that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. 

Why is ProjectPro Right for Your Construction Business? 

With ProjectPro, you can gain real-time insights into the financial health of your projects with centralized, accurate data connecting all stakeholders. 

Take Control with Visibility into Each Step of the Project 

Deliver Construction Projects on Time and within Schedule  

Connect your Teams from Job Site to the Office 

Achieve Optimal Business Performance  

ProjectPro Capabilities

Job Quoting & Proposal

Job Purchasing & Procurement

Job Material Planning

Subcontractor Management


Project Management

Progress Billing

Payroll Integration

Certified Payroll Report

Contract & Change Orders

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