Overview of Dynamics 365 for Service October ’18 release – Part 3

Resolving a customer service issue during the first contact and within minimal time helps organizations with increased customer satisfaction (CSAT) and reduced operations cost. Typically, in a customer service organization, experienced customer service agents or subject matter experts (SMEs) resolve issues faster based on knowledge or experience gained over a period of resolving similar issues. If agents get a case outside their areas of expertise, transferring the case to an expert agent or consulting an SME leads to increased customer effort and call handling time, resulting in reduced CSAT.

Intelligent insights on similar cases help customer service organizations empower agents with knowledge and expertise that was otherwise available only with experienced agents. Suggestions on similar cases help in leveraging resolution steps across the organization, thus making an inexperienced agent as productive as an experienced one.

This feature leverages Microsoft Text Analytics APIs and case information across different entity records to suggest similar cases. This enables faster and better case resolution, resulting in reduced average handling time (AHT) and improved customer experience.


Feature Release type Target release month
Knowledge article recommendation General Availability December 2018

Knowledge article recommendation

For any customer service organization, knowledge management is vital for improved customer experience and agent productivity. This feature leverages Microsoft Text Analytics APIs to provide knowledge article recommendations based on all related entities’ data. This gives agents faster access to relevant and contextual knowledge articles, helping them resolve cases quickly.

The following screenshot shows knowledge article recommendations in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service:


With this release, the feature is now generally available across all regions.

Feature Release type Target release month
Relevance search for knowledge management General Availability October 2018


Relevance search for knowledge management

Dynamics 365 knowledge base search control delivers knowledge to agents within the context of case management. It is now powered by relevance search to deliver results with improved performance and accuracy.

This feature helps agents choose the most relevant articles quickly by highlighting search term matches in the results list. Moreover, admin customizations help display only the necessary fields in the results list, enabling the agents to obtain essential information at first view. Additionally, agents can search in notes and attachments of knowledge articles from within the case form.

Agents can use this enhanced search on KB search control by default, once the organization is enabled for relevance search. This does not require any additional configuration.

This capability is now available on the Unified Interface Customer Service Hub app in addition to Web Client, where it is already available.


Feature Release type Target release month
Customer Service health in One Admin Center Public Preview December 2018

Customer Service Health in One Admin Center

One Admin Center provides information on network bandwidth, network latency, app reliability, and performance measures, enabling organizations to monitor the health of the service. It also provides information on time taken by out-of-the-box components versus customizations, thus helping organizations and independent software vendors (ISVs) to assess implementation quality and compliance.

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