Microsoft Power Apps

Turn bright ideas into brilliant apps with Microsoft Power Platform - Accelerate your Business Growth

Microsoft Power Apps modernize processes by removing the barriers that keep ideas from turning into apps. With Power Apps, everyone, no matter their skillset, can add business value by quickly and securely developing innovative apps to reduce inefficiencies and solve business challenges.
Microsoft Power Apps accelerate app development with pre-built templates and drag-and-drop simplicity that extend app capabilities without limits with customizable components when you need them.

Benefits of Power Apps

Build apps without risk

Clear the way for innovation by empowering first line workers and business users to develop apps that improve processes without compromising your security and compliance standards

60% of all occupations have at least 30% technically automatable activities.

Simplify app development, without constraints

Streamline app development for non-technical team members and seasoned developers alike with the out-of-the-box components you need and the limitless customization options you want

IT application development is gravitating towards low-code and high-productivity platforms to minimize cost and support rapidly changing business needs.

Deploy quickly, add value continuously

Launch working apps in a fraction of the time with a platform designed for agile deployment, so you can deliver value fast and continuously evolve features to further benefit your business

80% of executives at Fortune 1000 and other industry-leading companies are concerned about threats from more agile, data-first companies.

Integrate data with just a few clicks

Create business apps that act on the data you collect and use every day—capture new data directly, integrate data from hundreds of sources with pre-built custom APIs, and act on insights with the click of a button.

Companies want to do more with data. 70% of organizations believe their data is not used to its fullest extent.

Infuse AI to add powerful in-app intelligence

Automate manual processes with pre-built, AI-infused app components that allow users to leverage built-in intelligence and discover actional insights with a simple point-and-click.

50% of work activities globally have the potential to be automated using current technology

Power Apps in Retail

A complete platform

A connected platform

An innovation-driven platform

Goals in Retail

Know and engage customers

Deliver personalised and relevant customer experiences to increase loyalty, market share, and revenue.

Empower Employees

Create a modern workplace that optimizes workforce investment to drive ROI and customer experience.

Improve efficiency, agility, and cost management

Strategically change business processes to increase agility and efficiency.

Easily build apps at scale for your business

Create digital solutions to your retail challenges

By greatly reducing the amount of effort and investment required to create custom apps, Power Apps makes it much simpler to create digital solutions to your retail challenges.

Secure, manageable solutions at scale

Whether you’re working with a technology partner, developing in-house, or empowering employees to become citizen developers, Power Apps delivers a highly secure, scalable, and manageable solution.

Microsoft Teams + Power Apps for Retail

Capture, categorize, and disseminate customer feedback

Use apps tabbed to Teams channels to capture detailed customer feedback, store that feedback for anyone to query, and automatically share it in Teams to the relevant product groups to improve product capabilities and features.

Keep the sales team informed about product updates

Use a custom app in Teams to manage the product development lifecycle, including providing guidance to sales teams when new features are available automatically and directly in a Teams channel, so they can easily access that information.

Manage and accelerate marketing campaigns

Host discussions about the planning, execution, and effectiveness of marketing campaigns, while developing content and organizing different approaches with an embedded app.

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