Campus Management Solution

Campus Labs

Empowering your campus

Get the campus labs advantage to Organise, Manage and Unify your campus management needs. Simple tool to Organise, Manage and Unify your complex campus management needs.
Have you always thought of keeping your university or college campus well organised, easily manageable and simply unified just like you expect your house to be in-order? Few ERP tools are available, complex to learn and even more complex to implement… moreover they charge you and arm and a leg for this complexity.
Imagine a simple, modular tool to Organise, Manage and Unify … empowering YOU to run your campus smoothly and efficiently.
You don’t need to imagine it anymore.
Just get the CampusLabs advantage. Our modular pack of more than 20 modules will make your life as easy as get-set-go… Just in case you need any enhancement, our new-age robust technology platform will take care of it so that you can enjoy your peace-of-mind.
Your Faculty and Students will love it as it’s beautifully integrated with MOODLE and Digital Learning repositories. You can have insightful reports generated or get alerts on your mobile devices empowering a fully automated paperless setup up-and-running!
Just in case you are interested to learn more about the technical details:

University management system - Campus labs

Campus Labs models are divided into 3 solution packs and managed by 2 user portals:

Solution Packs

a. Admissions
b. Academics
c. Placement Management
d. Payroll Management

a. Financial Accounting
b. Fees Management
c. Purchases, Stores & Assets
d. Research Projects& Grants.
e. Management
f. File Movement and Tracking

a. Human Resource Management
b. Front Office Management
c. Hostel Management
d. Transportation Management
e. Health Care Management

User Portals

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