Overview of Dynamics 365 for Marketing October ’18 release – Part 3


Feature Release type Target release month
Marketing calendar for planning General Availability October 2018

Marketing calendar for planning

The marketing calendar control lets marketers visualize a variety of marketing activities that have a start and end date. Effectively, marketers can view many elements of a campaign (such as events) on the same calendar, providing an easy overview.

The calendar enables all stakeholders to view many diverse elements of a marketing campaign on a single calendar, allowing for faster decision making. It’s easy for events planners to view or create sessions straight from the calendar, while accounting for room and speaker availability, without leaving the page.

The marketing calendar provides a mobile-friendly responsive control that allows users to view and in some cases create items on the calendar without leaving the page. Most marketing entities that include a start and end date such as journeys and events can be shown. The calendar makes it easy to add entities with a click, or view sessions inside an event.

Marketing Calendar




Feature Release type Target release month
Deep LinkedIn integration General Availability October 2018

Deep LinkedIn Integration

Dynamics 365 for Marketing provides deep LinkedIn integration for generating leads from professional networks and relationships. New integration features let you run journeys specifying targeting on LinkedIn and leverage resulting interactions for orchestration, scoring and segmentation.

Deep LinkedIn integration brings:

  • Optimized and high-quality engagement on LinkedIn through account-based marketing.
  • Generation of more highly qualified leads to be nurtured from within Dynamics 365 for Marketing and an increase in the marketing return on investment.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing can already sync leads captured using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. We are expanding on this capability by adding the following functionality:

  • Integrate Dynamics 365 for Marketing segments with LinkedIn-matched audiences.
  • Orchestrate journeys that includes triggers that react to submission from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.
  • Evaluate the success of your LinkedIn targeting via engagement statistics in Dynamics 365 for Marketing.
  • Generate leads in Dynamics 365 for Marketing on the account level when retrieving form submissions from LinkedIn.
  • Nurture leads via lead scoring based on LinkedIn form submission interactions.

Deep LinkedIn Integration

To be continued….

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