Overview of Dynamics 365 for Marketing October ’18 release – Part 2

Feature Release type Target release month
Reusable content blocks General Availability October 2018

Reusable content blocks

Reusable content blocks enable Marketing users to define and store reusable blocks of content that are easy to add to email and page designs. For example, if you’ve created a beautiful header for a marketing page, you can make it a standard design element by saving it as a reusable block. You can also protect some or all of a block’s content or design to restrict other users’ ability to edit them.

Reusable content blocks provide a protected way to distribute standard marketing materials and design elements among your team for use in campaigns, pages, and emails. Because you can selectively protect some aspects of the content, you can improve compliance with your brand identity and organizational design standards.

Use the new content-blocks creator to define the content, design, and rules for each reusable content block. You can even include dynamic values from Dynamics 365. Once a block is saved and the rules are set, users will be able to see it in read-only mode within the content designer for marketing pages and emails. Users can then drag and drop these tiles into their designs and use the block. Each block could be as simple as a call-to-action button, or as complex as an event countdown timer.

Feature Release type Target release month
Social listening for your campaigns General Availability October 2018

Social listening for your campaigns

Modern marketing relies on signals from social media to help keep customers engaged. Social listening in Dynamics 365 for Marketing lets marketers add relevant social tags to customer journeys, events, and other entities, so they can view the social media response to their marketing initiatives right alongside other marketing insights.

A modern marketer must be able to combine analytics generated through social media platforms with those from traditional digital marketing, like email and landing pages, to obtain a comprehensive overview of their market impact. Dynamics 365 for Marketing brings together insights from multiple marketing channels like events, emails, and landing pages, as well as social listening data from various social media platforms.

Social listening adds:

  • A dedicated social tab to every customer journey and event.
  • A new dashboard for social insights.

Marketers use the social tab to establish a collection of specific phrases that are relevant to the related customer journey or event, and then monitor social media posts for mentions of those phrases. Social listening gathers data from all the major social networks and populates the various widgets on the social tab with relevant analytics that reveal how often each phrase is mentioned over time, the sentiment associated with each mention, potential influencers that mention the phrases, and much more.

Social Listening for your campaignsTo be continued….

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