Overview of Dynamics 365 for Marketing October ’18 release – Part 4


Feature Release type Target release month
Richer segmentation experience General Availability October 2018

Richer segmentation experience

The improved segment designer enables marketers and business analysts to create segments more easily and efficiently. A host of new business-centric operators will make it simpler for business users to create complex, business-centric marketing segments, allowing them to easily create segments for targeted marketing.

The improved segment designer provides:

  • More operators
  • Improved user interface performance



Feature Release type Target release month
 Custom analytics General Availability October 2018

Custom analytics

Dynamics 365 for Marketing collects wide-ranging and detailed information about how contacts interact with your marketing initiatives. Use custom analytics to organize and present this data within the Marketing app.

Custom analytics can help deliver actionable insights based on data from Marketing and other business applications. View reports that are fine-tuned to your business processes and use them to identify ways to run more efficient and effective campaigns. In the future, we’ll also deliver insights based on machine learning to help you get even more out of your business data, acquired data, and unique Microsoft data sets.

Use Dynamics 365 for Marketing to build custom analytics that support your organization’s specific business processes, drive good decision making, and deliver results. Design charts, graphs, and KPIs that you can embed right into the app, where marketers need them most. The solution includes a useful collection of analyzers provided right out of the box to help you quickly start building deeper analytics.


To be continued….

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