2020 Release Wave 1 Overview – Part 2

Human Resources

  • Dynamics 365 Human Resources helps HR professionals get the workforce insights needed to build data-driven employee experiences across multiple areas including Organization and Personnel management, Compensation, Benefits, Leave and absence, Compliance, Payroll integration, Performance feedback, and Self-service programs.


  • Dynamics 365 Commerce is built on the proven Dynamics 365 Retail capabilities—it delivers a comprehensive omnichannel solution that unifies back-office, in-store, call center, and e-commerce experiences to provide a delightful shopping journey for consumers across the different touchpoints.
  • Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection focuses on Payment fraud protection and account creation. It will help enable an e-commerce merchant to drive down fraud loss, increase bank acceptance rates to yield higher revenue, and improve the online shopping experience of its customers. The new set of capabilities called Loss Prevention helps brick-and-mortar retail store operations fight fraud and abuse. This will help retailers reduce shrinkage losses and improve store efficiencies.
  • Dynamics 365 Connected Store delivers insights gathered from observational, location, and other line-of-business systems to improve the performance of their brick-and-mortar stores.


  • Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a comprehensive business application solution designed and optimized for small and medium-sized business (SMB) organizations.

Customer Data Platform

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Insights enables every organization to unify disparate data—be it transactional, observational or behavioral sources—to gain a single view of customers and derive intelligent insights that drive key business processes.

Microsoft Forms Pro

  • Microsoft Forms Pro is an enterprise survey solution that empowers everyone in the organization to develop enterprise-grade surveys to collect timely feedback from the customers and employees. With the point-and-click simplicity and AI-assisted features of Forms Pro, everyone has the tools to create, send, and analyze custom surveys that integrate directly into the workflows and the organization’s business system.

Industry accelerators

In 2020 release wave 1, we are adding industry accelerators as a separate section. The following industry accelerators are included in this wave:

  • Nonprofit accelerator enables you to develop nonprofit solutions based on entities and attributes that nonprofits commonly leverage for constituent management, fundraising, awards, program delivery, and impact tracking.
  • Financial services accelerator enables you to quickly develop solutions based on entities and attributes that banks commonly leverage for customer experience and other business processes. These entities include banks, branches, financial products, loans, referrals, limits, requested facilities, and more.
  • Health accelerator allows you to build solutions and create new use cases and workflows with entities focused on enhanced care coordination and the ability to segment patients and providers based on Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data.
  • Automotive accelerator enables you to quickly develop solutions based on entities and attributes that dealerships and OEMs commonly leverage for customer experience and other business processes. These entities include deals, sales contracts, specifications, fleet, warranties, inspection, test drives, branding, business, customer-vehicle relationship, vehicle and equipment, lead, service and after-sales management, and more.

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