Transcript viewer is now available as part of Power Virtual Agent Custom Analytics

Power Virtual Agents Custom allows customers to delve into their PVA bot’s data and easily share it within their organization using Power BI. We have had quite a bit of feedback since then on other views on the data that you would like to see.

One area that received a number of requests was the ability to see bot conversations as they happened at the time. For customers who really want to drop into what their customers are saying to them, the Transcript Viewer page that we have now added to the report makes doing this easy.

The report allows you to filter by outcome (i.e. resolved, abandoned), CSAT score and survey response; you can focus in on the chats where your customer is happy, the ones where they are less so, and look for learning in those conversations.

You can get the custom Analytics report up and running in about 10 minutes, so give it a try! Once you have let us know other reports you would like to see.

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