Overview of Dynamics 365 Sales 2020 release wave 1

Dynamics 365 Sales continues to be a highly adopted sales tool that brings value to sales teams around the globe with out-of-the-box capabilities tailor-made for several sales scenarios. It is an entire system that is much more than a mere sales application.

Dynamics 365 Sales is centered around the customer relationship. It helps organizations understand customer needs, drives more relevant and authentic engagements, and improves selling efficiencies.

With the 2020 release wave 1 of Dynamics 365 Sales, we have spent time listening to customers and empathizing with their experiences to learn about what works and understand what doesn’t. As with the previous release, there is a continued emphasis on simplified experiences, improved workflow, and a new mobile experience—all designed to make it more useful for users.

Dynamics 365 Sales continues to evolve to meet changing customer and sales needs. In the 2020 release wave 1, we are expanding the focus to include inside sales scenarios, including sales acceleration, automated record updating, and sales cadences. We aim to streamline the work of inside sellers and deepen their engagement with customers.

These are the 2020 release wave 1 themes:

  • Simplify: Get things done more easily to keep the focus on selling.Sellers need to focus on building deeper relationships with customers. To do this, they must focus their time on personal engagements and understand customer needs to close more deals faster. Dynamics 365 Sales is committed to simplifying experiences and introducing intelligence that promotes productivity. Through close collaboration with our customers and consistently listening to their feedback, we continue to enhance the seller experience.
  • Enhance productivity: Leverage productivity tools to enhance selling effectiveness.Every sales team uses a variety of productivity tools to draft proposals, communicate with customers, and collaborate internally with peripheral teams. These tools are key to meeting ever-changing customer demands. It is imperative to enable a smooth and frictionless experience, so sellers can move quickly between tasks and spend their time on building customer relationships. Dynamics 365 Sales offers seamless integration with relevant productivity tools to help sellers be more agile. They can communicate, collaborate, and analyze—leveraging the tools they love, without constantly switching context.
  • Accelerate: Prioritize the next best customer and next best action to accelerate sales.Sales acceleration aims to transform the sales process with intelligent prioritization that helps convert leads and to close opportunities successfully and faster. To reach every customer, sellers benefit from cross-channel communication directly from Dynamics 365 Sales, all while enforcing consistent sales processes through sales cadences.
  • Transform forecasting: Track the pulse of your business accurately to inform strategic decisions.Forecasting empowers sellers to confidently build a strong pipeline, while shortening sales cycles and improving forecast accuracy. As a result, sales leaders gain a more accurate view of their business, and can plan more effectively. Dynamics 365 Sales will introduce a Forecasting solution that offers both the flexibility to meet unique business requirements and an intuitive interface to forecast intelligently.

The challenges of sales organizations described in this section are based on enterprise research, analyst reports, and conversations with customers.

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