Overview of Dynamics 365 for Sales October ’18 release – Part 4

D365 AI for Sales

Enhance sales performance and planning with the Dynamics 365 AI for Sales app

The new Dynamics 365 AI for Sales app takes the hassle out of sales performance analysis by proactively and prescriptively providing useful insights from sales data. The app helps sales managers evaluate and improve the performance of their sales teams on Dynamics 365 and other sales applications. With churn measurement and pipeline forecasting using relationship health scores, sales leaders can better optimize their sales strategies.

The following are the key capabilities being surfaced in the app:

  • A home page that provides managers with answers to the most common questions regarding their team’s performance, and also provides useful insights to quickly allow them to focus on the right deals and activities.
  • A natural language processing-based Q&A that allows managers to conversationally ask questions and receive reports from the sales data.
  • Lead prioritization leveraging predictive lead scoring.
  • Opportunity pipeline analysis using the relationship health score powered by exchange data.
  • Sales team performance analysis and individual scorecards.
  • Richer sales activity reports using relationship analytics, bringing valuable data from Exchange and Dynamics 365 graphs.


Feature Release type Target release month
Microsoft call intelligence Public Preview October 2018

Transform inside sales using AI in the call center

The Microsoft call intelligence offering enables smarter coaching to boost sales conversion rates. By connecting call center telephony recording systems to the app, call center managers can generate conversation insights that bring value from the organization’s existing assets.

Key benefits:

  • Coaching driven by aggregate call statistics on sentiments, keyword mentions, and KPIs.
  • Benchmark against conversational KPIs such as talk-to-listen ratio, longest customer monologue, and participant switch ratio that signal whether reps are aligning with conversation best practices.

Dynamics 365 and non-Dynamics organizations will be able to use the Microsoft call intelligence product capability to generate call insights and increase the output of their reps.

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