Overview of Dynamics 365 for Sales October ’18 release – Part 3


Feature Release type Target release month
Talking points Public Preview October 2018

Never forget that detail about your stakeholder with talking points

Salespeople interact with many people over a period of time. Remembering every detail about every person they interact with isn’t always possible. Talking points helps busy salespeople by looking at their past communications to extract key details about the customer or contact on topics such as sports, health, family, and entertainment. These topics help salespeople in starting a conversation or building rapport with customers with whom they have not spoken recently or never met face to face.



Feature Release type Target release month
Quick Actions Public Preview October 2018

Be more productive with Quick Actions

Get intelligence insights within your app while you’re taking notes for your customers. Quick Actions analyzes your interactions with your customers and suggests actions you can take. The suggestions could be anything from creating a task to follow up with the customer or creating an appointment to meet with them.



Feature Release type Target release month
Predictive Lead Scoring Public Preview October 2018

Increase sales conversions with Predictive Lead Scoring

Dynamics 365 Predictive Lead Scoring is a machine learning model-based predictive scoring mechanism that scores leads on a scale of 1 to 100 based on their likelihood to become an opportunity.

Following are the key benefits of this product capability:

  • Out-of-the-box machine learning model that considers attributes from related entities such as Contact and Account apart from the attributes of the Lead entity including custom attributes.
  • Ability to select/de-select signals for the model enabling model customization and tuning.
  • Predictive score backed by top reasons influencing the score.
  • Lead score along with score trend and top reasons available on out-of-box-forms and views.

With Dynamics 365 Predictive Lead Scoring, sales reps can prioritize their efforts on deals that have higher likelihood to convert.



Feature Release type Target release month
Relationship analytics with LinkedIn InMail Public Preview October 2018

Relationship analytics now with LinkedIn InMail

Relationship analytics is now even smarter with LinkedIn InMail. Relationship analytics helps salespeople manage the opportunities pipeline by analyzing interactions to synthesize the health of customer relationships. By combining the engagement data from Dynamics 365, Exchange Online, and LinkedIn InMail, relationship analytics provides a more accurate view of the health of a sales deal in the opportunity pipeline. Information workers benefit from a holistic analysis of their engagements across multiple channels and can leverage the resultant health score to improve sales efficiency by better prioritizing their time with the deals that need the most attention.

To be Continued….

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