Overview of Dynamics 365 for Field Service October ’18 release – Part 3

Universal Resource Scheduling (URS)



Feature Release type Target release month
Define groups of requirements with conditional logic General Availability November 2018

Create groups of requirements for scheduling

Create requirement groups consisting of multiple requirements and schedule teams of resources. For any given requirement group, resource requirements can be defined using a grid-based control that allows for requirements to be organized in a hierarchical manner and with all/any conditions.


Requirement group control


Feature Release type Target release month
Multi-resource scheduling General Availability November 2018

Multi-resource scheduling

Dynamically assemble a group of resources to converge at the same time for intraday scheduling. Resources can be teamed together to meet onsite at a customer location, work together remotely, or fulfill appointments at facilities.

  • Search across the multiple configurations of how the team can be assembled, set up on the requirement group.
  • Mix and match:
    • Pools and individual resources
    • Individuals and crews
    • People, equipment, and facilities
  • Consider resource availability and current commitments.
  • Predict travel time and assemble a team to meet onsite with a customer both for preassembled crews and dynamically putting a team together.
  • Facility – Assemble a group of resources staffed at a specific location.

Finding availability for a team of resources


Feature Release type Target release month
Schedule predefined resource crews General Availability November 2018

Predefined crews

Preassemble groups of resources that are always together for intraday scheduling. Crew scheduling allows you to define a group of resources who are scheduled for the same work during a period of time. Typically, a crew meets at a location in the morning, shares a vehicle, and is together all day from job to job. Companies focused on services that generally require teams of resources to accomplish jobs will often predefine a crew, a set of resources that stick together all day.

  • Sample scenarios:
    • Lead technician and apprentice (for example, HVAC)
    • Maid services
    • Sanitation services
    • Moving services
    • Landscaping
    • Hood and grease trap cleaning

    Crews are assembled with date effectivity, enabling a crew to be assembled for as long or as little time as you choose.


Schedule Assistant booking crew


Schedule Board with crew

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