Overview of Dynamics 365 for Field Service October ’18 release – Part 2

Field Service mobile app

Feature Release type Target release month
Integration with Microsoft Bot Framework General Availability November 2018

Microsoft Bot Framework integration

Most field service work involves a set of the same steps that are repeated on any given job: update the status of a work order to traveling, open the directions for a work order, view the service tasks for a work order, and so on. These tasks can be streamlined through conversational and even hands-free experiences as opposed to requiring technicians to click through a mobile application.

We now provide the ability to surface a bot developed with the Microsoft Bot Framework in our mobile app as well as template bot code interfacing with Dynamics to get your own bots up and running quickly for use by technicians to get their work done faster. We handle the authentication of your bot to your Dynamics 365 CE organization so that there is no need to have the user authenticate twice.

Feature Release type Target release month
Background location sharing Public Preview November 2018

Background location sharing

Our mobile application now allows for technicians to share their current locations, which will result in a location data stream getting sent to Dynamics 365 for Field Service that surfaces a technician’s location on the schedule board and allows for events to be triggered based on a technician’s current location. For example, when technicians arrive on site, a push notification can be sent to remind them to update their status. This will also open scenarios where we can detect that a technician is going to be late to a work order based on current location and consequently reassign the work order to another technician nearby.

Feature Release type Target release month
Push notifications Public Preview November 2018

Push Notifications

Out of the box, our mobile application now allows field service technicians to receive push notifications any time they are assigned a booking, one of their bookings has changed, or when they have arrived onsite for a work order (provided location is being shared). When and how push notifications are triggered is entirely configurable and can be customized for any use case. Push notification reminders can improve the timeliness of technicians and accuracy of logging.

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