New Voice Channel Streamlines Omnichannel Customer Experiences

Announcing the expansion of Microsoft Dynamics 365
Customer Service omnichannel capabilities to include a new voice channel, built
on Microsoft Azure Communication Services. The addition of this channel gives
businesses the scale and reliability of the calling platform that powers
Microsoft Teams worldwide today. With native voice, businesses receive
seamless, end-to-end omnichannel experiences within a single solution, ensuring
consistent, personalized, and connected support across all channels of
engagement. This end-to-end solution unifies all points of customer interaction
data, enabling businesses to simplify and streamline their processes, gain
instant insights into trends, and deliver faster resolution from AI-driven
assistance—all while ensuring your data remains secure and compliant, backed by
the trusted Microsoft cloud.

Addressing the fragmented experience

Typically, customer service organizations must manually
integrate standalone telephony and CRM solutions, which results in fragmented
experiences for agents and customers across engagement channels. Ultimately,
these stitched-together solutions from multiple providers are not only complex
to roll out and maintain but also create data silos with disconnected insights
of customer interactions and agent performance across channels. The addition of
the voice channel enables Customer Service to offer businesses a solution that
minimizes failure points caused by custom-built, complex integrations and
maximizes the ability to create better customer and agent experiences. This
single, holistic solution also makes it easier to scale to meet ever-changing
business needs.

We also recognize that businesses may want to leverage
Microsoft Dynamics 365 in partnership with their existing provider. That’s why
we continue to support integrations with key Microsoft partners including
Five9, Genesys, NICE InContact, Solgari, Tenfold, and Vonage, who are building
connectors that make it easy to enable their voice solutions within Customer
Service. Whether the goal is a single, one-stop-shop solution or enabling a
seamless experience between telephony providers and Customer Service, Dynamics
365 has it covered.

all-in-one solution

Our new voice channel for Customer Service enables an all-in-one
customer service solution without fragmentation or manual data integration
required, and enables a faster time to value. Our solution provides a single
view of the customer that empowers agents to provide personalized service
across all channels, and true omnichannel analytics and insights for agents and
supervisors alike.

Because this solution is built on Microsoft’s own
infrastructure, added benefits are available right out of the box that enable
organizations to:

Simplify their solution. Streamline the setup, maintenance,
and administration of your customer service solution by eliminating management
of multiple contracts, upgrades, integrations, data sources, and user
experiences, all backed by the safety, reliability, and compliance of Microsoft’s

Get instant visibility into trends across all channels.
Quickly identify factors to improve the customer’s overall experience through
access to insights including customer interactions, customer satisfaction
across channels, and advanced topic clustering.

Leverage AI to resolve issues faster. From AI-powered
virtual agents to real-time agent productivity tools like call transcription,
sentiment analysis, and similar case and knowledge article recommendations,
lean on built-in AI to resolve customer issues faster.

Streamline self-service capabilities. Microsoft Power
Virtual Agents can be built once and deployed across messaging and voice
channels for maximum efficiency and consistency.

Intelligent routing for voice. Skills-aware, automatic call
distribution routes calls to the right agent based on their individual skills
and capacity and also supports routing for blended agents who work across
multiple channel types.

Create true omnichannel experiences. Regardless of which
channel the conversation takes place on, the agent experience remains
consistent and connected. Agents receive full context of previous customer
interactions across all channels, resulting in highly personalized customer
experiences and more successful outcomes.

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