Employee Engagement

It is the relationship between an organization and its employees. An “engaged employee” is one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about the work and takes positive action to promote the organization’s reputation and interests.

Taking part in events, meetings and activities alone does not play a part in employee engagement. A good manager recognizes a committed employee, who will be finding ways to keep them involved. The organization needs to practice more employee engagement, so they feel passionate about what they do and for whom they do. It provokes the employee to take more responsibility in their job and feel proud about the organization and their contribution towards the success as a team.

Moreover, the Management needs to remember that engaged employees lead to productivity in the workplace and this creates a higher customer satisfaction and an increase in sales and profit of the organization. The trust and communication between the employees and management are also important as it shows the employee their abilities and how every individual has contributed to the overall organization performance. This union between the organization and the employee is a necessity as both can excel in performance.

It is evident that those who are not recognized for doing great work are twice as likely to be an active job hunter and 34% more likely to leave their current organization anytime sooner. And it’s easy to understand why — even if you enjoy your job, feeling like no one values your work can be discouraging. Luckily, recognizing employees doesn’t need to require a big budget or fancy perks but even if it demands organizations should start investing on the employee engagement programs in addition to the investment on the employee as such. There are plenty of ways that you can let employees know how valued they are to the organization and this does create an emotional bonding between the employee and the organization.

Employees with the highest engagement are usually doing jobs that inspire and intrigue them or, at the very least, working alongside a team or for a cause they care about. If you want a new hire to be excited on day one and on, you will take the time to consider whether they match the position other than their skillset which should be appropriate to the current environment and their colleagues.

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