Tangible benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers a host of benefits to SMBs:

Connect your business. The integrated solution removes silos for seamless sharing of information between people and processes. All your data is available across all of your devices ensuring your employees can work anywhere and deliver better customer service. Having all the information at their fingertips allows them to focus on the customer instead of logistics of finding the right data.

Connect with your customers. You need a 360-degree customer view to see and understand all the data you’ve collected over the years. Only after seeing the big picture can you decide on the best approaches that work and personalized offers that sell.

Do business anywhere. Full support for mobile devices allows your people to do their work anywhere, enter orders from the field, confirm inventory status or deliver better customer service with full interaction history.

Improve your insight. All business data is available to your decision makers through interactive dashboards and flexible KPIs tailored to individual user roles.

Start quickly and scale when you need. You can choose the modules you need and then extend their functionality by using PowerApps or 3rd party solutions offered in the AppSource marketplace. As your needs change and your business grows, scale the system without needing additional hardware or changes.

Safeguard your business. Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers advanced security and role-based workflows as well as guaranteed uptime and data backups. This way you can focus on your business and not managing your servers.

Move to the cloud. The key benefit of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is that it is based in the cloud. While replacing and migrating your existing business systems in the cloud may seem like a big step, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Sure, the move results in cost reductions. However, scalability and business agility are becoming far more important factors in the decision. Gigaom Research reports that 71% of strategic buyers cite scalability, cost and business agility as the most important drivers for using cloud services.

Also, cloud is no longer a novelty. 78% of SMBs already use at least one cloud infrastructure solution and 92% use at least one cloud business solution. The cloud is here to stay by virtue of generating solid and measurable business rewards.

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