Why explore ERP system?

As your business changes, a solid and underlying foundation is critical

1. It's time to go digital

  • You want to make the right business decisions at the right time, with real-time access to information
  • You need to automate your business processes, to increase productivity

2. You are growing

  • You are a fast growing company, and your needs or out-pacing your customer the current system capabilities
  • As your business grows, you need to put best-practice processes in place

3. You are expanding

  • If you are expanding into new markets, you need business software that will enable you, not hinder you
  • Enable your subsidiary network to harmonize business and intercompany processes

Run your Business with the Digitised ERP Solution

Keep your focus on running your business!

Competitive Advantage

  • Become relevant in the global economy by implementing robust business process, allowing you to adapt to market changes, and anticipate business trends

Connect Business Functions

  • Your entire business runs more smoothly by touching all business areas which assist by natural cross departmental collaboration within your organisation

Easy Access to Data

  • Analytics and reports helps you to keep informed about your business to make decisions on the back of real-time data insights
Digitised ERP Solution
SAP Business One

Meet the Digital Platform for SMEs

SAP Business One core

  • Management & Administration
  • Accounting & Financials
  • Inventory & Distribution
  • Production & MRP
  • Project & Resource management
  • Sales & Service
  • Purchasing & Operations

Digital Business – Enablers

Digital business is built on new computing infrastructure – the enablers are
  • Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Mobile Technologies
accelerated by the Internet of Things (IoT), advances in Machine Learning and innovations like Blockchain.
These technologies give your company the ability to change your business models, and create new products and services in the digital economy.

The Digital Platform for SMEs

Enhanced by the Digital Enablers

  • Cloud Technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Analytics

Industry-specific Solutions

Extend to meet your specific business and industry challenges

Software Solution partners have the industry expertise and customer focus to offer industry-specific and horizontal solutions

Industry Solutions

  • Automotive
  • Consumer products
  • Engineering
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • High-tech
  • Industrial Machinery/Components
  • Retail
  • Wholesale Distribution

Horizontal Extensions

Go beyond generic business needs by extending:
  • Accounting
  • Enhanced CRM
  • Payment Processing
  • Productivity
  • Mobility
  • Reporting
  • Service

SAP Business One Deployment Options

On premise and Cloud

Key Benefits

  • Compliance with internal Data Security Policies
  • Direct control and access to your data, allowing flexibility in local reporting accesses
  • Better ability to customise and extend your business process
  • Leverage internal hardware and existing IT infrastructure and resources
  • Perpetual licensing, with higher upfront cost but better long-term TCO
  • Less dependence on always-connected internet


Key Benefits

  • Easy and affordable deployment
  • Secure browser-based access from anywhere, at any time
  • Access to the most up-to-date functionality without having to use in-house resources to maintain the solution
  • Subscription licensing avoiding capital expenditure and allowing for operational expenditure flexibility
  • Manage your most critical business functions in your Web browser
SAP Business One Deployment Options


SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a smart enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed for the small, mid-sized and large enterprises to manage their entire organisation better. The SAP Business One User licenses are given on a named user licensing model. The user name of each user needs to have a license granted to it.
A named user is one who has the authority to access the licensed SAP Business One. The Customers of SAP Business One can buy various types of Licenses from SAP: Professional User, Limited CRM User etc. The SAP B1 User Licenses have altogether different levels for the different Users. There are mainly 4 license user types of SAP Business One:
  • 1. Professional User:
    In this case one has access to all the modules and functionality within SAP Business One. This definite user can be the CEO, President, Management, etc who is very much involved in the business decision making.
  • 2. Limited CRM User:
    One has to access the all the major features of the Sales, Purchases & even CRM Modules. The User is generally found involved with Sales, Marketing or Customer Relations Role in an organisation.
  • 3. Limited Logistics User:
    The user has access to all Sales, Production modules, Inventory and limited access to the Purchase module. Generally, we find this license for the employees involved in Procurement, Supply chain etc.
  • 4. Limited Financial User:
    The Limited Financial User has the right on all major Banking, Purchase and Financial areas in SAP Business One. Accountants and other financial users generally have this license.


As CodeValue Technologies, with the Experience in variety of domain, we know how to map unique needs of our customer and their growing businesses. Such unique customization allow users to map some critical scenarios which are not supported by Standard SAP Business One neither in other ERP solutions. But, SAP Business One’s extended customization supports to map unique requirements of customer with the accuracy to match with current process or legacy process in run.
Our Team supports Less Add-Ons policy .Which means that customers requirement can be mapped and monitored within few customization along with the standard system .Therefore, we always recommend our customer to standardize the process so we can map it in standard as well as in customized manner where he can get benefits of it.

Delivering customised solutions for SAP

We have successfully delivered various customisation projects for SAP B1 Customers and Partners. Some of the SAP B1 tools/features used to deliver customised solutions to customers include:

User Defined Fields and User Defined Tables – UDF/UDT:

To fulfil the different needs of SME, SAP Business One includes a wide range of customisation and integration features that do not require specialised technical knowledge or programming skills. With our skilled resources, you can easily add below customisation – all without writing a single line of code:
  • Add new fields
  • Add new tables
  • Create custom lookup lists
  • Formatted Searches
  • Define field validation rules
  • Design custom alerts
Users can add an unlimited number of user-defined fields (UDF) to the system. These fields may be added to static data files, document headers or even to the body of the documents.
  • Cycle support
Provide complete lifecycle support from design to implementation to enhancements.
  • Perform analysis
Develop the best applications for your needs
  • Metrics
Provide metrics and reporting solutions for ROI and analysis.

Customisations with Software Development Kit - SDK

SAP Business One includes customisation features and configuration options. With the SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a comprehensive set of tools for software developers, we can tailor the solution to meet your particular needs. To meet the different needs of small and mid-sized businesses, SAP Business One includes a wide range of customisation and integration features that do not require specialised technical knowledge or programming skills.
The SDK offers a full-featured set of business objects that are real-time or batch-mode integration between SAP Business One and your external applications. Whether you are interfacing with a custom Web portal, integrating legacy data, or building applications using Web Services, the SDK simplifies the task with access to a wide range of master records and transactional objects. The SDK eliminates the need to rewrite business logic and ensures the integrity of your data.

Custom applications

Integrate custom applications with SAP Business One


Integrate web functionality with SAP Business One

Training sessions

Deliver training sessions tailored to your unique business needs


SAP Business One

Accelerated SAP methodology is a proven, repeatable and successful approach to implementing SAP solutions across industries in custom environments.
It provides content, tools, and expertise from numerous implementations. The “SAP Business One Accelerated Implementation Program” has been developed specifically to support the implementation of SAP Business One in small and midsize enterprises. This implementation guide will use the ASAP framework as a guideline for SAP Business One implementations and apply ASAP concepts and information were beneficial.

Implementation Phase

The implementation is divided into 5 project phases:

  • Phase 1 : Project preparation
During this phase, the team prepares and conducts a project kick-off meeting and goes through to initial planning and preparation for the SAP Business One implementation.
  • Phase 2 : Business Blueprint
During this phase, a requirements workshop is conducted with various key stakeholders to define project objectives, scope, and schedule. In addition, the relevant business process scenarios are defined. In order to document the results gathered during the workshops, the Business Blueprint is created.
  • Phase 3 : Project Realization
The purpose of this phase is to implement all business process requirements based on the Business Blueprint. Other key focal areas of this phase are conducting integration tests and drawing up end user documentation
  • Phase 4 : Final Preparation
The purpose of this phase is to complete final preparation (including user and administrator training, system management and cutover activities) to finalise the go-live readiness. Upon successful completion of this phase, the SAP Business One system is ready to be used as a productive environment.
  • Phase 5 : Go-Live and Support
The purpose of this phase is to move from a project-oriented, pre-production environment to live production operation. The most important elements including setting


We at CodeValue Technologies are keen on providing advice, planning, implementation, and project management and support services for our SAP Business One Customers across the globe. We follow the fixed as well as flexible and affordable SAP Business One Annual Maintenance Contract (SAP B1 AMC) for comprehensive service. After Go Live, we provide world-class on-demand hand holding for clients through a dedicated support on site through mail, phone. Our skilled team of support executives will assist you with upgrades and implementation issues and other issue resolutions. We offer different SAP Business One Services but are not limited to:
  • Requirement Analysis
  • SAP B1 Installations
  • Project Management
  • Data Upgradation and Migrations (SAP B1 SQL to SAP B1 HANA)
  • MISs Reporting
  • Customisation and New Development
  • Data Protection and Recovery Service
  • System Auditing
  • Training


CodeValue Technologies Specialist SAP Business One on HANA ERP Hosting Services

This digital era have a lot more options open to SMEs on where to host their ERP solution. But what’s best for your business? Confused? Speak one-on-one with our experts or select one of the below options:
Traditional on-premise servers are still a popular choice for many of SMEs in India and outside India. Managing information and maintaining systems with an internal firewall on a local server.
A hosted solution is quickly becoming the option of choice for ambitious enterprises. We will host and manage your solution – leaving you to focus on generating more business. We will update and provide secure, anytime access to your key intelligence.
Take your business to the next level with cloud solution. Data is stored, managed and processed in the cloud and accessed remotely at the click of a button.

Why choose CodeValue Technology Hosting Services?

We have the SAP Business One and SAP Business One on HANA posting experience you need, and the capability to securely deliver IT infra that your business requires. With our years of experience deploying SAP B1, we are able to support you if things go wrong.

The benefits of working with us include:

  • Rapid response
  • Close working relationship with you and your staff
We have 20 years of experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for rapid and high volume transactional manufacturing and distribution businesses, and have the expertise to deliver hosting solutions that reduce costs and increase agility.
To discuss SAP Business One
on HANA hosting requirements in detail
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