Overview of Dynamics 365 Portal October ’18 release – Part 3

Feature Release type Target release month
Simplified customization Public Preview October 2018

With our focus on simplifying customization of Dynamics 365 Portal, we have targeted enhancements for portal customizer and administrator personas respectively. An intuitive experience abstracts data model complexities, lowers the learning curve for portal customization, and leads to increased user productivity. Providing a persona-focused tool will also lay a foundation for differentiated experiences in upcoming releases.

Customizers and administrators benefit from:

  • WYSIWYG-based content editors that help craft beautiful visual experiences.
  • Modern and intuitive web page authoring experience.
  • Improved sitemap configuration that helps users manage navigation and page hierarchies efficiently.
  • Contextual component configuration and administration for improved productivity.
Feature Release type Target release month
Self-service portal diagnostics General Availability October 2018

Self-service portal diagnostics

Dynamics 365 Portal helps organizations create websites in a simple and effective manner. As part of our investment to improve supportability of Dynamics 365 Portal, we are focusing on better diagnostics and providing customizers with the ability to resolve issues on their own using self-service diagnostic capabilities.

This feature provides a self-service diagnostic tool that looks at portal configuration and identifies potential configuration problems as well as provides solutions on how to resolve the issues. This tool can be used by portal customizers to quickly resolve common issues and reduce the amount of time spent on diagnosing any issues.

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