Overview of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service October ’18 release – Part 1

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service continues to deliver capabilities that empower organizations to deliver efficient and effective customer service to their users. With the latest release, we have focused on enabling user productivity through new experiences, bringing actionable intelligence within customer service operations, and enhancing operational efficiency.

With the new service scheduling solution built on the powerful Universal Resource Scheduling (URS), customers can now work with existing constructs such as service activities while leveraging URS capabilities like resource search and resource sorting, thus enabling effective scheduling.

As part of the latest release, the Customer Service Admin experience is now available within Customer Service Hub, enabling easy, single-point configurations.

Intelligent assistance in the form of suggesting similar cases and knowledge articles (both enabled using Text Analytics API) help provide intelligent insights to Customer Service agents and facilitate quicker and effective case resolution, leading to improved KPIs.

With relevance search on UCI Knowledge Base Search Control, agents get the knowledge article results with improved performance and accuracy within the context of case management.

Customer service health in One Admin Center empowers service organizations by enabling effective monitoring of the service reliability and functionality, helping them to self-solve potential issues before they impact productivity.


Summary of what’s new in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service


Feature Release type Target release month
Service scheduling powered by Universal Resource Scheduling General Availability October 2018


Service scheduling powered by Universal Resource Scheduling


Service scheduling provides organizations with an efficient way to schedule complex combinations of resources by considering the availability of employees, facilities, and equipment. It benefits organizations in improving service quality and preventing over-scheduling with predictable workloads for employees, as well as ensuring reliable time estimates for customers and clients.

The new service scheduling solution built atop Universal Resource Scheduling (URS) allows customer service organizations to work with the existing constructs such as Services and Service Activities, while leveraging the power of URS functionalities such as Schedule Board – Filter View, Resource search, Resource sorting, and hours/day/week/month view of service activities.

Customers currently using service scheduling on Web Client will be provided with migration tooling to upgrade to the latest solution based on URS.


To be Continued….

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