Optimize your cloud spend with Azure

We know our customers are looking to transform digitally now more than ever and the speed of innovation can make the difference between growth or decline. While presenting new opportunities, we hear repeatedly from our customers and partners that the challenges created by digital transformation are unique. Customers are looking for better ways to balance the pace of innovation with the need for agility while managing costs, maintaining control, and meeting increasingly rigorous standards around security and compliance.

One topic that comes up frequently in our interactions with customers is that you would like to forecast, monitor, manage, and optimize your cloud spend better throughout the cloud adoption journey. Today, we discuss how we are creating a consistent, simplified cost and pricing experience for our customers, with greater flexibility, transparency, and forecasting accuracy.

Tools to optimize cloud spend

Regardless of the growth stage your business is in, the freedom to purchase cloud resources on-demand unlocks new opportunities for all your new and existing projects. Bringing scalability and speed to your day-to-day operations requires a level of transformation that can be achieved most effectively when optimization opportunities are well understood. Cost optimization tools including Azure Cost Management and Billing, Azure Advisor, and the pricing calculator help develop that understanding so you can feel confident in your cloud allocation and continue focusing on what matters most for your business.

Cost management begins with accurate estimates. Azure’s pricing calculator helps you estimate the costs for your upcoming Azure projects, while Azure Cost Management and Billing brings the ability to set budgets, automate alerts, allocate cost, forecast spend, and integrate your cloud spending data with your internal telemetry using consumption APIs. Azure Advisor closes the loop by providing actionable recommendations to optimize your deployments with the new Azure Advisor Score. These are a few examples of how we are delivering on the capability’s customers have asked for and are available today.

Globally consistent Pricing

Knowing exactly what your pricing will be at the beginning of each month is key to accurately forecasting cloud spend around the world. The Microsoft Customer Agreement   addresses this challenge, streamlines your Azure purchasing experience, and reduces your administrative burden. You accept your terms once, and the agreement is updated as you add products to your portfolio. Whether you buy directly from Azure.com with the help of a Microsoft representative, or from a partner, you’re covered by the same agreement.

With the Microsoft Customer Agreement, Azure is priced in USD worldwide, providing you consistent pricing for all Azure services and offerings regardless of where you are located. We use Thomson Reuters benchmark rates that are captured at the end of the previous month and go into effect on the first day of the next calendar month. This rate applies to all transactions during the upcoming month. For more information regarding Microsoft Customer Agreement, pricing, and the currencies supported for payment, please read the Microsoft Customer Agreement FAQ.

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