Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is now Generally Available

We are pleased to announce that  Dynamics 365 customer insights is now generally available! The newest addition to the portfolio of Dynamics 365 AI offerings, Dynamics 365Customer Insights enables every organization to unify disparate data – be it transactional, observational or behavioural sources – to gain a single view of customers and derive intelligent insights that drive key business processes.

A key tenet of every organization’s unique digital transformation journey focuses on customers. Customers, both existing and potential, leave digital footprints. Every support call, event registration, online and offline purchases or website interactions provides valuable input into better understanding that customer across their customer journey – be it marketing, sales or service. When brought together, this data becomes an asset, giving organizations  intelligent insights they need to deliver personalized experiences, at the right time and right channel.

Here’s how you can deliver personalized customer experiences and move your business forward with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights:

Get a holistic view of customers

  • Connect all your customer data: Bring in transactional, observational, and behavioral data from popular data sources with ease by leveraging prebuilt connectors
  • Transform customer data intelligently: Unify and standardize data to conform to the Microsoft Common Data Model
  • Enrich customer profiles: Build richer, more complete view of your customers by incorporating aggregated audience intelligence from Microsoft Graph

Unlock insights and take action

  • Act and activate: Discover and create high value segments to power business processes and deliver targeted messages and content.
  • Spot trends and patterns: Gain actionable insights with configurable metrics and KPIs
  • Predict customer intent: Get guidance on next best action and predict churn by leveraging AI and custom machine learning algorithms

Adapt and extend

  • Take action: Drive personalized engagement with contextual customer insights infused directly in the business applications such as Dynamics 365 for Sales, Service and Marketing or any other application using rich APIs.
  • Gain deeper insights: Leverage out-of-the-box connector for Microsoft Power BI to customize dashboards and reports that enable informed decision-making
  • Build custom apps: With Microsoft PowerApps, create custom business apps with embedded customer insights to empower everyone in your organization
  • Automate customer-centric experiences and processes: Setup workflows in response to customer actions and signals using Microsoft Flow

Rely on a productive and trusted platform

  • Get started quickly: Optimize for time to value with a finished SaaS application and self-service experience built on the Azure cloud platform
  • Maintain control of your data: Help your business support data privacy and GDPR compliance with enterprise ready security and built-in governance tools
  • Invest with confidence: Put your trust in Microsoft’s expertise and experience in world-class AI research, cloud, data and developer platform
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