How to Make the Most of Dynamics 365 F&O for eCommerce

Online marketing and businesses have changed because of the recent consumer purchase behaviour. The modern trend focuses more on the service qualities and protection of eCommerce along with database management. Dynamics 365 eCommerce integration provides a wide range of Finance and Operation (F&O) applications to adapt to the change to provide a scalable, robust, reliable, secure and efficient solution.

An increased number of users on the platform can contribute to increased complexity. Basic plugins and adopted software and applications cannot handle the versatility requirements. It is important to adjust to the technological shift to provide consistent shopping services and experience.

F&O suit is one of the leading commerce suite, which can eliminate persisting problems in the commerce website. In addition to that, affordable dynamics 365 pricing and planning can reduce the financial burden for businesses. This blog analyzes the importance of F&O suit and its impact on modern online business.

Why Consider Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations?

Need for Enhanced Consumer Experience

Ecommerce is dynamic with several layers of application and data flow. It is evident that consumers prefer a portal, which provides unique features to them. For example, Amazon has a quick store access option where users can select products from the same seller. As a result, a competitive eCommerce portal needs to include most of the advanced features, which provide better infrastructure for F&O.

Scalability Issues in Obsolete Web Stores

Scalability is a major issue in web platforms. Business decisions like cross border eCommerce increase product count on the website and database. If the shopping portal does have, the products in an orderly fashion, consumers will find it hard to browse the product. This generally leads to product scattering issues.

Multi-platform integration

Multi-platform integration, support and operation capabilities need to be maintained. This includes multi-language and currency support. Operating multiple B2C and B2B stores from a single platform provide transcending service quality. Dynamics 365 will mux the service and management of the aspects of eCommerce solutions.

Support for dynamic eCommerce Services

Dynamic services such as quick access, product tagging, data-driven services, cross-selling, up-selling, financial analysis suites, budgeting, and revenue tools, are the backbone of the system. Further, personalized shopping, user management, customer-based offers, coupon management, flash sales, product, event management, cart reminders, and payment integration provides better service to users.

Importance of Intelligence Solution

A lack of business intelligence reduces internal efficiency and flexibility. Data-driven approach with real-time data management can be complex if the network and SaaS as solutions use obsolete applications. Dynamics 365 F&O has the capability to bring together data from various solutions and create a unified view.

Increased Threat of Security and Privacy Issues

Security and efficiency should be at high priority as the web stores include payment gateways, consumer information, and product catalogs. Dynamics 365 offers unprecedented security based on your choice of hosting. Implementation of data protection, backup, and disaster management increases consumer trust and enterprise security.

Revenue Generation

Competitive prices and cost-effective services along with consumer behavior analysis can boost the revenue of an eCommerce website. Automate price tracking and customer analysis boost sales and service quality as consumers are prompted with the right information such as recommended products, price change notification and stock information.

All of the above issues lead to complexity in handling online business stores. In 2016, a new technological shift through Microsoft’s business software solution simplified the ERP and CRM functionalities by integrating all the functionalities in a single streamlined product. Finance and Operations (F&O) is a flagship ERP product, which can provide in-depth financial tools to manage and regulate online stores.

Transform eCommerce through F&O ERP integration

From the information above it is evident that organizational needs can be optimized and issues can be solved through Dynamics 365‘s F&O. Now, it is important to understand how it affects the financial operation of online stores.

Dynamic Integration with Magento

F&O suit enhances direct line communication between back-office systems to the online store in a secure channel with real-time data exchange, data integrity check, data consistency and data management. This single unified suite manages different types of eCommerce operations.

Inventory management with optimization

Product tagging and link management

Client account management with unified customer data

Comprehensive data on shipping, billing, contact information, and notifications

Personalized web marketing and promotion

Fully integrated CRM

Digital Payment Integration including wallets and UPI

Supply chain management

Order flow management

Offers, coupons, and digital wallet management

Effective marketing

Hassle-free retail with sales improvement

Economics Analysis and Reporting

F&O suite provides robust and extensive apps, which provides real-time analysis of sales, revenue, and financial reports. With the Dynamics 365 eCommerce integration, an online store can make use of in-depth user behavior and other data points to optimize the user experience.

Scalable, Reliable and Efficient Tools

The suit includes all in services – accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash and bank management, budgeting, asset management, general ledger, and forecasting algorithms. This allows the back-end team to keep track of all the activities. Further, F&O also offers tools for human capital management, including creating, modifying and managing benefits, deduction plans, compensation plans, monitor employee training, and development, employee questionnaires delivery, payroll management, and recruitments. This comprehensive set of features allows eCommerce companies to accommodate rapid growth, expand to new regions and scale rapidly. This is due to the inherent capability of the platform paired with the depth of features.

Omni Channel eCommerce

Magento Dynamics 365 F&O integration can play a vital role in omnichannel eCommerce. Dynamics 365 F&O comes with a host of features than can create a great user experience. However, to bring these features to life, robust integration with Magento is necessary. CodeValue Dev’s solution creates the necessary backbone to create a similar experience across channels.

Cost-effective and Secure Platform for All

Our integration platform makes sure the data exchange is completely secure. For a growing eCommerce store owner, this is critical as an integrated set of solutions means increased vulnerability. All this secured platform and much more will be offered at a cost that can be easily justified by the value provided to your organization over a period of a few years.

Dynamics 365 eCommerce integration not only enhances the consumer but also reduces management work and online store complexity by providing a multi-faceted integration. Dynamics F&O integrated with Magento can bring robust architecture to the online store.

Want to outshine your competitors by providing outrival services to your customers? CodeValue’s team can effectively integrate the commerce suite by using advanced protocols and tools. Request for a demo call and go through our dynamics 365 page to get started with our commerce solutions.

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