How Many Users Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central supports?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (prev. known as Dynamics NAV) is a solution for Small and Medium sized Enterprises. You may be wondering if this solution is right for you if you are planning growth. We hear this from both small companies and bigger companies, so we’d like to address the following questions:

1. Are there any large enterprises using Business Central / Dynamics NAV?

Yes, the solution is very flexible so there are both small (1-5 users) and large (200-500 users) organizations using Business Central. Note that users are not equal to the number of employees. To name a few organizations known for using Dynamics NAV / Business Central: United States Postal Service, Bosch Group, Michelin.

2. How many users does Business Central support? Is there a user limit?

There is no technical limit for numbers of users and there are many companies using Business Central with 200+ users and more.

3. Is there a limit to a database size of Business Central?

There is no limit to the database size for running Business Central on-premise or cloud. If you are using cloud version, you do not have to worry about server configuration or extending your capacity – Microsoft takes care of that for you.

4. Can I scale as my organization grows? Is performance impacted by size of database or number of users?

Business Central is based on Azure SQL with elastic pools which means that as you grow, Microsoft is automatically allocating more resources for your organization at no extra cost. There would be no impact to your organization performance. This applies only for solutions running Business Central cloud. If you are hosting Business Central on-premise yourself in a private environment, you would be responsible for adjusting your servers to changing needs

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